Tuesday 11 July 2017

The Farm House Kedron - Review

Once upon a time there was a huge fruit and veg. shop called Farmer Joe's in our local area.  It was very popular, as it also housed a butcher, and a liquor store next door.  Sadly it was demolished in 2009 so they could whack in a new inner-northern busway.  

A new café has decided to pay homage to Farmer Joe's by naming their business The Farm House.  They like to use local and seasonal produce, and to buy from farmers and producers in the region.  It's a big industrial sort of place with outdoor areas and lots of wooden furniture.They also have flowers and herbs growing, which gives a homey, rustic feel to it.

herbs growing out the front 

a beautiful sunny day at The Farm House 

Our stomachs were rumbling one recent sunny day, so we headed out to try this new place. Service was fast and friendly and very efficient.  We were impressed! 'Cos you know how rare it is to get great service these days.  I chose the crispy cheese and potato cake with eggs, hollandaise and bacon. This one was a winner for me. The potato cake was a hearty little number (sorry the photo doesn't show more of it); the hollandaise was fresh, and the bacon was delightfully soft and tender, just the way I like it.  Eggs were poached perfectly, and the potato cake was herby and fresh.

cheese and potato cake $19.50

Mr P. is a pasta fiend so he had the breakfast gnocchi, which comes with arriabata sauce, spinach, parmesan and a poached egg.  He said the sauce had enough chilli, and the egg was perfectly nice and runny.  The gnocchi was fine, not too hard as sometimes happens in other eating places.  So yes, a big tick from him.  

Breakfast gnocchi $19.50

Hubby also loves a strawberry smoothie so he decided on this gorgeous looking thing, made with yoghurt and honey.  He said it was tasty and fruity.  And nice to have fruit on top.

strawberry honey smoothie $7.90

I know this may shock some of you but yes, I the avowed banana-hater have suddenly gone mad for banana-based drinks!  Yep, a world gone insane, I tell you.  Here I had a Javanana, which is banana, milk, espresso and honey.  And I loved it.  Lots of coffee flavour; thick and delicious.  Not sure about the crunchy beans on top though, and I don't know what the funny leaves were all about:=)  Mr P. reckons they're instead of a spoon.

Javanana $9

We decided to head here again last week for lunch, while Mr P. was having a staff-less day.  Unlike our first visit, this time it was grey and rainy so we sat on the front porch, with a lovely, warm gas heater providing a blast of heat over our heads.

This time I went for the crispy, white fish tacos with peanuts, cucumber and rice vermicelli.  I could only eat 2 of the 3 tacos, and was very pleased by the efficiency of the waiter who offered to box the last one up for me to take home.  I loved the softness of the tacos, and the crunch of the peanuts.  The lime juice gave it extra flavour, as did the nam jim chilli sauce.

crispy white fish tacos 

We shared a bowl of farmhouse chips with aioli ($8-no photo sorry). These were a bit disappointing though a generous serve. They were sadly a bit limp.  I do love me a crispy outside, and soft inside but these were a bit lacking.  I know I have a taste for strong flavours so I would've loved more garlic in the aioli.  It is sadly rare to find an aioli that is garlicky enough for me.

I went for a drink called a Strofield on this visit.  It is similar to the Javanana but has almond milk and nutmeg.  I chose to have a double shot of espresso added.  Very yum!  Just wish they'd given me a spoon too.  Hubby went for the strawberry smoothie again, and he ate the cheese and potato cake that I had last time.  He really enjoyed it too.

The current Winter menu has all-day breakfasts, with the lunch menu from 11:45am.  Can't wait to try fried turmeric cauliflower or roasted root vegetables.  

feel like cake?:)

Ph: 07 3861 1956
9 Somerset Rd.,
Kedron 4031
M-F 6.30am-4pm
S-S   7am-3pm

Farm House  Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato 


  1. Breakfast gnocchi that is absolutely genius!

  2. I did enjoy that gnocchi I must say. The Farmhouse hosted my local business group and were quite amenable.

  3. Oooh why the change of heart with banana? And I like the sound of a breakfast gnocchi!

    1. Hi Lorraine
      Yep it's crazy I suddenly love banana and coffee drinks. Has to have coffee too. Don't know what happened to me:). Madness!

  4. This place sounds right up my alley Sherry!

    1. It's a nice place with tasty food. We liked it.

  5. I always love your photos! That cheese and potato cake with eggs looks amazing!

    1. Thanks so much Marcellina. I appreciate your comments:) x


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