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Salt Dining and Lounge Bar - Review

It was dark and it was rainy one recent Friday night when Mr P. and I decided on a last minute dinner at the newly opened Salt Dining and Lounge Bar. Salt is a new addition to the dining scene in Wilston, replacing the former Noho grill. We asked our friends The Barrelmakers (not their real name or occupation - tee hee) to come with to check it out. They were tired after a long week but stalwarts that they are, they came out rain and all. They even agreed to sit outside where the rain was driven in horizontally as we ate. Our choice to sit outside (under cover) so not Salt's fault btw. :-)

European Sunsets share platter $32

Our mates decided on a share platter with chicken wings and halloumi, a plate of salt and pepper squid and fries, and a share board of bread with pesto and olive oil to dip into. I had the grilled chicken fillet, while hubby chose the Mary Poppins – a sweet potato waffle burger with mushroom, onion jam, tomato and lettuce (with halloumi in place of tofu, an extra $3). Sadly the waffles were limp rather than crispy, and had way too much cinnamon (a tad weird on a savoury dish surely?) and too much sugar, which hubby didn’t find enjoyable.

Mary Poppins $17

marinated chicken fillet $18

On the other hand, my marinated, grilled chicken fillet was some of the best chicken I’ve ever had. Incredibly moist and tender (just like the menu says), with caramelised edges and grill marks as proof, this chicken was a delightful and spicy dish. The fries were fine – crispy outside, soft inside – but the ‘fresh house salad’ seemed to be mostly roast capsicum strips, which I found a bit odd. I’ll say it again tho – this was fabulous chicken!

bread share platter

Our mates’ platter of bread came with many and varied slices – looked like sourdough, white and grain - which was great for the family of four with the two hungry youngsters. The pesto was pungent, and the olive oil was abundant. The European Sunsets share platter ($32) came with dips and olives, salt and pepper squid, halloumi and chicken wings. All went down a treat. The family of four also ordered a serving of salt and pepper squid with chips, on a bed of green leaves ($18). The squid was tender and spicy, the chips seasoned and beer battered.

salt and pepper squid $18

My drink was the Nutella kahlua mudslide ($16), a concoction with loads of Nutella, and whipped cream, and nicely alcoholic. I kinda stumbled home after this one. Very filling, very delicious. Hubby had the vanilla thickshake ($7.50); it came with whipped cream on top (which he isn’t a fan of) and was not cold enough for his taste. As he says – ‘the cream or ice cream should be mixed in with the milkshake’ – but that's his personal disposition.

Nutella Kahlua Mudslide $16 - a meal in itself:-)

The family of four had a glass of rosé, a beer, a soft drink and a coffee milkshake – all fine, and as expected, though the youngest Barrelmaker had to return her drink and have a new one made up as her original order had been mixed up. This was fixed promptly and without fuss.

looking in to the modern interior

All up, not a bad place to have a drink and/or a meal.  And next time hopefully it won’t be raining!  (And it wasn't - raining, that is)  

Addendum:  Mr P. and I came here for dinner a couple of weeks later with Princess Pia.  I had talked up the chicken fillet so we both had that, while Mr P. went for the chicken and Napoli calazone $20.  He liked the filling, but wasn't a huge fan of the dough.  A bit too heavy, he thought.  But he enjoyed his salad with the tangy dressing.  The Princess (being Italian) told us that calazone means a pair of knee-high socks!  So take what you will from that:-)  

calazone $20

deliciously tender grilled chicken $18

A little less caramelised round the edges this time, but still so tender and tasty.  I enjoyed the salad a bit more than the previous time, as it had a few more fresh ingredients and less capsicum strips.  Did the salad dressing have maple syrup?  I think it may have, so a bit sweet for my tastes.

Fifth Leg sauvignon blanc $8

The Princess drank sauvignon blanc ($8), while I went for a glass of Prosecco ($7).  Mr P. stuck to lemon, lime and bitters $4.50 (which sadly came out of a bottle rather than being mixed at the bar) as he was the designated driver (as usual - tee hee).  All up, we three enjoyed our meals and found them great value.  Oh, and the service was friendly, prompt and helpful.  One of the lovely ladies grabbed extra chairs and set up an outside table for us, without demur.  A pleasant evening!  And no rain:-)  

The Picking's Verdict:

Food: 7/10

value: 8/10

service: 8/10

looking in

1/1 MacGregor St., Wilston 4051

Ph: 0468 872 589

Hours: Wed-Mon - 11am to 9pm but hours vary
             Also open for breakfast on weekends

Café coffee grill tapas bar is their own description!


  1. I like the sound of the waffle but not if it is sweet and cinnamon does sound like it oculd possibly be jarring on a savoury dish.

    1. yep it's a weird modern phenomenon! making everything sweet uurrgh:)

  2. Sherry, that European Sunsets share platter looks like a great meal to share and that fried squid looks yummo as well. I'd eat any of the entrees, well maybe not the Mary Poppins. I love dining outside, our restaurants are just starting to put out the outside dinning areas. Yep, they go away in the winter for a rest.

    1. it's warm most of the time here ron so the outdoor chairs stay outdoors all the time! cheers S

  3. Wow, that grilled chicken looks amazing for sure! I totally would've ordered that again on the return visit. The grilled chicken plus that plate of rustic bread would definitely keep me happy!

    1. hi david
      yep the chicken was fabulous. they obviously know how to work that grill :-) thanks for dropping by.

  4. Should I ever get to Australia I will definitely put this restaurant on my "places to eat" list :)

    1. hi judi
      these days restaurants and cafes disappear within a year or 2 so you'd better hurry!:-)

  5. Wow, everything looks so yum!☺

  6. Cinnamon can be wonderful in savory dishes! It's used in Moroccan meat dishes a lot. Try just a little in a beef pie (or stew). Bet you'll like it! Anyway, sounds like a fun place -- thanks.

    1. hi KR
      yep i make some dishes with a bit of cinnamon but this was a bit crazy OTT!

  7. Too bad the husband seems to aways pick the losing entree. I can see how sweet cinnamony waffles wouldn't go with savory.

    Well, I'm much closer to you than usual -- spending a day in Tahiti waiting for a plane back home -- maybe more than half way to your house from my house. We've had a great time here. Next time maybe we'll get all the way to Australia and try some of your restaurants.

    best... mae at

    1. tahiti sounds nice - as the old ad. used to say:) You should definitely come all the way Mae! australia is waiting for you:-)


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