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Lamington Pikelets

Lamingtons are named after Lord Lamington (or his wife Lady Mary), who was the Governor of Queensland 1896-1901.  They are squares of sponge cake, dipped in chocolate and then rolled in coconut.  A staple of every Aussie kid's life:=)  These are a take on that idea - pikelets dipped in chocolate and rolled in coconut.  And equally delicious.

I came across this recipe in a Coles supermarket magazine last month.  They suggest using bought jam and chocolate topping, untoasted coconut and bought pikelets.  I took up the suggestion of bought pikelets, but made my own jam and ganache.  It was Australia Day on January 26, so all the Aussie recipes come out, and the ads for Aussie lamb, and everyone has a BBQ and plays cricket, or goes to the beach.  So lamingtons are very appropriate, too.  

Though this year, there were protests and alternative activities due to a heightened realisation that the indigenous peoples of Australia were treated badly from the time of the landing of the First Fleet.  I think we will need to pick a different day to celebrate in future.  (FYI, if anyone is interested, the book Dark Emu by Bruce Pascoe gives some fascinating insights into our indigenous history.)

oh my!  So delicious, my friends

Makes 4:


For the ganache:

65 mL/3.6 oz thickened cream

60g./2.3 oz milk or dark chocolate (I used Lindt)


a packet of 8 pikelets - see Notes

1 cup (80g./2.8 oz) shredded or dessicated coconut, toasted in a small, dry frypan till golden-brown - watch carefully as it burns outrageously at the last minute!

300 mL/10 oz thickened cream, whipped till you have firm peaks

2 Tbs berry jam of your choice - see my quick jam recipe

lots of strawberries!  Well, 150g./5.3 oz - washed, dried, hulled and sliced

1 Flake bar (a crumbly milk chocolate bar)

Quick Jam:

125g./4.4 oz blueberries (or blackberries)

250g./8.8 oz strawberries (or raspberries)

2 tsp vanilla extract

2 dashes ground cinnamon (1/8 tsp maybe)

big slurp of gin or berry liqueur (say 1 Tbs) - optional

2 tsp honey

Method for Quick Jam:

Place everything in a small saucepan, bring to the boil, turn down the heat and let simmer gently for about 15-20 mins. till thick

Let it cool, spoon into a sterilised jar and whack into the fridge

simmer till thick

quick berry jam


Pour the cream into a small saucepan and heat it till you have tiny, wee bubbles around the edges of the cream

Break (or chop up) the chocolate into a small heatproof bowl, pour over the hot cream, let it sit for a minute, then stir well till you get a beautiful, chocolatey mixture - and pour into a shallow tray

Toast your coconut now if you haven't already done it, and tip into a shallow tray

Whip the 300 mL amount of cream (in a medium bowl) till you have lush, firm peaks, then marble the jam gently thru the cream

Look after your strawberries (as above) if not already done

Drop a pikelet into the ganache (or topping), turn it gently to cover the other side, then into the coconut; roll till covered in coconut

So take a pikelet, place 3-4 strawberry slices on top, slap on some jammy cream, place another pikelet on top of the cream, smother that with cream, top with strawberries and chocolate flakes, and place on a lined tray or a pretty serving platter

Do this for the next three pairs of pikelets, so you end up with 4 delicious, creamy, chocolatey lamington pikelets


Make your own pikelets, if you feel so inclined.  I didn't :=)  Oh yes, in case the word 'pikelet' is not familiar - they are (says Google) a slightly denser pancake, similar to an American pancake, and about 7.5 to 10cm/3-4 inches in diameter

You can use 1/2 cup (125 mL/4.2 oz) of a good-quality chocolate topping from a bottle if you can't be bothered making a ganache

I used Lindt milk chocolate, but next time I'll try dark (70%)

I made the quick jam the week before, so I could use up some frozen berries lurking in my freezer.  Otherwise, just use your fave jam out of a jar, my friends

ingredients gathered

ready to roll (I used some untoasted coconut too)

I spooned on the leftover ganache

ready for the crowning pikelet (plate by Del Kathryn Barton)

topped with strawberries, cream and chocolate flakes

c. Sherry M.


  1. They look super rich and absolutely irresistible! I am a huge fan of coconut, and your take on Lamington is brilliant, Sherry.

  2. These are a cute take on lamingtons Sherry! I agree we should change the date.

  3. I think I would call pikelets crumpets. So funny at have different terms for the same things. I fear many Aboriginal people are still not well treated.
    from Tandy I Lavender and Lime

    1. mm maybe but really they taste more like a thicker pancake i reckon.

  4. Oh these look fantastic, Sherry! I've always wondered what lamingtons are, and now I know. When you combine all of those wonderful ingredients in one recipe, good things are bound to happen!

    1. yes this is a nice riff on the original sort of lamington david. Even better i think :)

  5. OMG I imagine this recipe for a brunch! What a treat :)

  6. They look delicious Sherry nom nom

  7. I wish someone would invent lick-a-vision because these look sooooo good! These look so much easier and less messy than real lamingtons and I'm definitely going to give your quick jam a go!

    1. thanks sammie. they were good. and yes less messy for sure. The quick jam only makes a small amount, and it's not very sweet which I like.

  8. It's so much fun to see traditional dishes from other countries! Thank you Sherry, I had never heard of lamingtons or pikelets (they do look like small pancakes). They look delicious and very rich. Great dessert for a holiday meal.

    1. thanks Liz. They were not as rich as you'd think; the pikelets are quite light really ... well, that's what I tell myself :=)

  9. My goodness. These look tasty!

  10. The lamington pikelets looks yummy 😃!

  11. Sherry, your Australian spikelets look delightful and no doubt taste delicious.

  12. Looks delicious, Sherry! But then again, how can you possibly go wrong with chocolate and coconut? And yes, many colonial nations (including basically the entire Americas, north and south) have rather dark histories when it comes to the treatment of native peoples. At least in Australia (as far as I'm aware) you didn't also have slavery to compound the injustice.

    1. true Frank. they are a great combo. Yes our treatment of the indigenous peoples here is pretty atrocious...

  13. Yummy! Sounds like a delightful twist on the classic lamington recipe with the added touch of homemade jam and ganache. Perfect for a special occasion like Australia Day. Toasting the coconut adds a nice crunch, and the whipped cream and fresh strawberries sound like the perfect finishing touch. I'll have to try this one out soon!

    1. you are right Raymund. Such a nice and easy twist.

  14. my god. I assumed pikelets were little fish! Thank you for using pancakes!!!

    1. i had a chuckle there Mimi. yep does indeed sound like tiny fish! but this tastes better :=)

  15. Looks like a delicious dessert to serve any time. I too first thought of fish :)

  16. Well, Sherry, I learned what a pikelet is today! Thanks for that. I have never had a lamington but they sound really good!

    1. yes a well-made lamington is a thing of beauty! and with a touch of raspberry jam ... mwah


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