Friday 14 June 2013

Bronze medal winner me!

So stoked to win a bronze medal today!
What an amazing day it was.   We had an early start- there by 7.30am- to set up our tables and tea settings. 6 nervous State finalists sat around in the green room waiting to be called in front of the 3 international judges including Dilhan Fernando the son of the Dilmah tea company founder.  I was finalist no. 5 so by the time it got to me I was a nervous wreck!  We then had to present our high tea and explain our theme and recipes, including our rationale and sustainability information.   I made a rosy punch using Dilmah Rose and French Vanilla tea, and also made smoked salmon crepes served with their Ranwatte single region tea.  The 3 judges were very kind, and said they found my presentation "homey" which I hope was a compliment.  It was a huge day and I went home in the afternoon thoroughly elated and exhausted.  My sister had come up from the coast to be my assistant, which was a blessing.   Not sure if I will do it again next year but they said it gets into your blood and you become addicted to it.   We will see!


  1. Sherry, this is fantastic, well done! Your high tea sounds and looks gorgeous. Will you do one for me next time I come up?


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