Saturday 15 June 2013

Tea ceremony at scrumptious reads

Making tea with May King at scrumptious reads in the Valley.     

What a fabulous time we had with May King enjoying her truly delightful tea ceremony.   She is a very calming soul;  even my 20 year old nephew said he found it relaxing and enjoyable.  The sun was streaming in the windows at Scrumptious Reads- very pleasant on a cool Brisbane day- giving it all a relaxed and calming ambience.  We tried several different teas with May King, including my favourite Relaxing Night which had a wonderful aroma of roses  (one of my fave flavours in anything).   We sat with May King for about 2 hours just soaking up the sun and the atmosphere and the teas!  I highly recommend going to one of her delightful tea ceremonies if you get the chance.  Check out her Facebook page under Mayking Tea.

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