Friday, 14 June 2013

Dilmah high tea challenge- rosy punch

Today I was a contestant in the Dilmah high tea challenge.   Happily readers,  I won a bronze!   I am really chuffed.   And guess what!   that medal is really heavy.   I proudly wore it home. 
Here is my rosy punch recipe:

Rosy Punch:
2 Dilmah Rose with French Vanilla tea bags
500ml boiling water
One cup sugar
350ml sparkling water
125ml lychee syrup  -(from a tin of lychees) 
add juice and zest of 1 lime
½ North Queensland vanilla bean
Lychees and raspberries-  use fresh Queensland lychees if available, and fresh raspberries when in season;  otherwise use frozen raspberries and tinned lychees.

Boil water;  add the tea bags and steep for 20 minutes
Cool it to luke warm then drop in the ½ vanilla bean
Add half the steeped liquid  (250ml) to a small saucepan with the cup of sugar
Bring to a simmer whilst stirring constantly till sugar is dissolved, and then simmer for 5 minutes
Allow to cool
Pour rose tea syrup (minus the vanilla bean) into a jug then add- the sparkling water, lychee syrup, the other cup of cooled rose tea and the lime juice and zest.
Stir and add as many lychees and raspberries as you desire!
This is a very sweet drink and the judges suggested adding lime or lemon juice, or even ginger.
I think some champagne would add a fabulous zing to it!

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