Friday 19 July 2013

Lemon curd

This week I made lemon curd- or lemon butter- as a lot of Aussies know it.  It is such a simple recipe, and so delicious.   You can just slather it on toast, or spoon into a pie crust, or eat it by the spoon straight out of the jar!   Once again , I used my neighbour's organic lemons which is preferable as you are going to be adding zingy zest and you don't want to be worrying about chemicals and wax from commercial fruit.
Lemons juiced and zested and ready to go into the saucepan. 
All done!
I use a recipe for Perfect Lemon Curd,  probably the quickest and easiest you will ever make.  I have seen cumbersome recipes where you have to feed chunks of butter gradually into the warmed up juice.   No need to go there, readers!  

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