Tuesday 16 July 2013

Preserved lemons

On the weekend, I took my basket and skipped over to my neighbour's yard to grab some lemons from her tree (with her permission).
This was in the quest to make some preserved lemons- so delicious with couscous,  sardines,  chicken dishes, roast veggies and so on.
So I gathered my salt and my lemons and a clean, sterilised jar and proceeded.  It is incredibly easy to do.  Basically stuff wedges of lemon into your jar;  sprinkle each layer with salt , then keep squishing down and keep filling till no more room in the jar and cover it with lemon juice.
Just as a guide, use 5 medium lemons, with 1.5 cups of juice and half a cup of salt.    Put it away for at least a month to mature!   When ready to use, grab a piece of lemon, scrape off the flesh and discard; and use the skin diced up in your fave dish.


  1. They look fantastic Sherry! I've always got lemons in my fridge but I should reserve some for preserving! :D

  2. i love lemons, going to try it out

    1. they are really fantastic to have in the fridge as they go well with so many things..


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