Tuesday, 9 July 2013

Stanthorpe break

Mr. Pickings and I took a short break to Stanthorpe for a long weekend.  It was my birthday a couple of weeks ago so we were on our usual annual trip there.  It was amazingly warm this time and we didn't even need the fire on all the time.   The stars are so clear and close, and we always see satellites  going over and planes in the distance and shooting stars.  It is very lovely tho a teeny bit scary. It is extremely dark and silent where we stay- an old farmhouse- and I am afraid my vivid imagination goes into overdrive about serial killers leaping out of the bushes. :)).  As usual we bought heaps of local products, and ate a lot !
We went to a lovely cafe- Jersey Girls cafe- which is part of the Granite Belt Dairy.   They use local produce, their own or their neighbours and make hearty honest fare. If dear readers you are in the area do stop off for a bite or buy some lovely cheese made with milk from the jersey girls! Jersey Girls Website
My lunch- bangers and mash- all produced locally.  Their butcher is in- house.
Mum and joey in the pouch just outside our cottage.  The rabbit proof fence below amazes me every time I see it.  No rabbits in Qld till you get south of this fence. We did see rabbits on the southern side.

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