Sunday, 22 September 2013

Beechworth tomato relish

My mother in law asked me recently to make her some relish for her breakfast biscuits.  Apparently she just eats relish on biscuits in the morning.  Well who said we have to eat cornflakes or toast?
So I hunted up some recipes on the Net and found this rather wonderfully old-fashioned CWA-type recipe.  I love those sorts of recipes and collect CWA and local cookbooks whenever I find them.  They always have such interesting and "steady" recipes; you feel like your grandmum is standing behind you helping you to make the lovely dishes, and that they will always turn out just right.
Here's hoping my MIL likes the relish I made her this week!
(my tip with this recipe:  keep the drained tomato liquid in the freezer and re-use in stews or curries etc).
piling up the ingredients

more ingredients!

about to bubble away
chopped up and ready to go
the finished product

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