Tuesday, 24 September 2013

Violet truffles

Yep I know- chocolate again!  But I can't resist flower scented chocs.  I have had this recipe floating around in my recipe folder for ages, so this week I thought now is the time. I ordered some violet liqueur from Mount Tamborine Distillery last week (as any sort of violet liqueur is not easily come by in Brisbane), and I bought some violet colouring so I was good to go.  The recipe does not call for colouring but I thought it would look better rather than plain white.  I was not able to obtain crystallised violets either in shops or online, so I used some little Queen decorating flowers and coloured them with the violet colouring and then chopped them into tiny pieces to sprinkle on top of the truffles.
Chocolate is best made on a cool day so it was probably not a great idea to pick the hottest week for September in years but I didn't let that stop me!
(BTW- I suggest melting the chocolate in a pyrex jug so that you have a nice deep puddle in which to roll your truffles.  You can then stick a skewer through them, jam those into a piece of styrofoam then pull them off and place in petit-four cases.  I  wish I had done this with these!)
getting ingredients together
a few more ingredients
starting to roll the ganache filling in icing sugar
these little beauties look like sausage mince!
dropping the mix into the melted dark chocolate
the finished truffles- don't laugh at their funny appearance- it was hard to do!

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