Wednesday, 13 November 2013

Melbourne trip October 2013

Can I say as an ex-Melbourne girl that there are many delightful aspects of this city and a huge one is definitely the food. Our recent trip down for family events included lots of deliciousness!  We even managed to fit in a quick dinner at George Calombaris's new place Gazi.   The decor was interesting- lots of terracotta pots hanging from the ceiling, and a long bar/bench arrangement where you could sit (rather uncomfortably) and try to make yourself heard over the loud din.  Can anyone tell me why restaurants think it is a good idea to have hard surfaces with no sound absorption making dinner conversation almost impossible?  Well apart from that, we had a fab meal with fresh and delicious flavours, good service, good people watching (I saw Daniel from Masterchef sitting at the bar) and an all round good night.
Highlights were the duck souvlaki, and beet root salad; oh and don't forget the fries!  And the broad bean salad, and the grilled eggplant, and the fried saganaki and on and on.... 
I would love to try some other dishes next time I am down there, and would recommend a visit if you are in the city. 
delish bean salad

duck souvlaki

yummy fries
 and now for something completely different!  love the melbourne laneways.  there are so many hidden treasures including this tiny soup shop which displayed its wares in big pots at the very front of the shop.
pots of soup!

beautiful bejewelled windows full of cakes
 this tea room had a huge queue waiting to indulge in the glorious cakes in the window.  lots of people including myself were busily taking photo after photo of this amazingly gorgeous display in the front window. we went back the next day for breakfast rather than wait for ages for arvo tea, and enjoyed a very pleasant meal in beautiful surroundings. And of course with elegant Melburnians!

wow!  this was so gorgeous to look at!
 we bought the most beautiful macarons you have ever seen with gold leaf on top no less!  and were served by this charming French girl.
lovely French girl with charming accent- tick!

next up- the scrummiest iced chocs you have ever had.
we went-more than once- to koko black for iced chocs-  sooo good.  i had a raspberry choc one and the next time i had rose chocolate.  OMG is all I can say!   this was just after breakfast mind you as it was wet and we had time to kill before flying home.
a ceiling full of terracotta pots
out the front of Gazi- it was very hard to find-typical of Melbourne!  They like to keep their jewels hidden!

Wow!  i luuurve Melbourne!  I am dying to go back as we barely touched the surface of food fashion and fun..

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