Sunday, 10 November 2013

raspberry muffins

Muffins are good whether it be the English or American variety as far as I am concerned!  I got up yesterday and felt that there was a need for muffins in my kitchen.   As famous blogger faux fuchsia often says- the universe directed me to do it.  I concur so muffins it was.
I had frozen berries in the freezer that needed using up, being of the raspberry persuasion rather than the blueberries called for in the recipe but hey let your pantry be your guide.  I have an old clipping from a women's magazine with a really easy recipe which always works, even when you have to add more milk like I did and stir a few too many times.  They were slightly flatter than I would like but still tasty.

dry ingredients all ready for the big mix

adding the fruit and wet ingredients

just out of the oven
this is the old recipe I used!

ready to eat!!  so yum

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