Tuesday, 20 January 2015

Baked/Coddled Eggs

I am a bit hampered movement-wise this week as my left knee seems to have gone on strike.  My leg turns but the knee cap seems to go its own merry way.  And the clicking is a nasty sound.  I think I need a new titanium knee sometime soon.  So it means I am having to be a bit careful, including not spending hours on my feet creating gourmet feasts - ha hah!  I had just read a blog post (sorry blogger, I can't remember which one) a few days ago and they mentioned making coddled eggs.  I have sometimes made what I guess you would call baked eggs as I don't put them into a water bath in the oven, I just bake them on a tray,  So this was my one and only thought for dinner last night; quick and easy and only a few minutes on my feet.  Mr Pickings himself was ill and having a nap so wasn't really up to much either.  I had just seen an ad for the McDonalds app whereby you can order fast food online.  For a nano second there I even considered it!  But commonsense prevailed along with my taste buds and I threw this together in minutes.
I had some leftover baked salmon in the fridge along with some dried coriander leaves, and my home-made roast capsicums.  These were the flavour base for my eggs.  You can use anything you like in these; throw in leftover shredded chicken, any herbs you like, the spices you like and so on. Then you just break a couple of eggs into the ramekin/coddler, top with a couple of tablespoons of cream, season and throw in a 190C oven for about 20 minutes. You could put the ramekins into a water bath - i.e. - put on a baking tray and fill it so the water comes halfway up the little bowls and then bake for about 10-12 minutes.  You would then have legitimate coddled eggs:)   But honestly who can be bothered with all that if you don't have to?   I think the only difference is that the eggs may be a little more tender if coddled rather than baked, but frankly life is too short for this little blogger with the buggered knee.

recipe for 2 people:

ingredients:  (based on what was lying around in the depths of my fridge)

120g salmon (or chicken)
2 spring onions snipped into small pieces with scissors
1/2 doz.small chunks of roast capsicum cut into small pieces
2 eggs per person
2-3 tbs of cream per person
handful of fresh herbs - chives or parsley would be great here
salt and pepper to taste


Place the salmon, spring onions and roast capsicum into the bottom of the lightly greased ramekins
Break over 2 eggs into each one
Pour the cream over the eggs
Add the herbs and seasoning
Bake at 190C for about 20 minutes till eggs are firm (or however you like them)

Nice with a salad or even - dare I say it? - some oven baked chips.

yes the capsicums look weird; the olive oil has congealed in the fridge 

ready for the oven  

This is also a great breakfast dish, or light lunch.  If you have hungry husbands or children to feed, eat with salad AND chips!

File:Bondi, 8 - Hen, laying lunch - Bondi, 2011.jpg
(stock image author Newtown Grafitti) 


  1. salmon with eggs! sounds so delicious, Sherry! thanks for sharing!

    1. Hi sabots
      It was tasty. And so easy to make. Thanks for visiting.

  2. Oops sorry. That should say Savita!

  3. I remember the time I received a set of whatever you call egg coddlers when my mother came back from England one time. I kind of rolled my eyes and put them in the cabinet. Then one day I had baked coddled eggs at a restaurant and I've been hooked ever since.

    1. I love those gorgeous vintage coddlers you can buy! But I must say the ramekins I use do a good job so I have no excuse to go and buy these pretty porcelain babies from Etsy:). Groan😃

  4. So sorry to hear about your knee Sherry! My right knee is a bit funny because I wore and still wear heels a lot. These eggs look wonderful :D

    1. hi lorraine
      yes it is a real nuisance having a bung knee. it makes chores and cooking hard!

  5. I'm so sorry to hear about your knee; that must be very painful. I do love coddled eggs and they are a great meal to make when you're all out of time and energy but would rather not dial up McDonalds! Your coddled eggs look very good xx

  6. This is brilliant why haven't I thought of this before? It is wonderful to have a quick meal to turn to when you are in pain - sorry to hear that - but all things usually come to pass. In the mean time, there is always good food :D

    1. Thanks merryn. They are so quick and easy and taste great. I am hoping my knee picks up soon. Thanks for dropping by. X

  7. This is brilliant why haven't I thought of these coddled eggs before? It is wonderful to have a quick meal to turn to when you are in pain - sorry to hear you are in discomfort- but all things usually come to pass. In the mean time, there is always good food :D


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