Friday 4 December 2015

Annabel's Easy Pizza

I am not sure how many Aussie cooks and food bloggers know of Annabel Langbein, but I hope it's a lot 'cos I love her!  I love watching her shows.  With her cheeky grin and that beautiful NZ countryside in the background, for me she can do no wrong.

Mr P. and I have been to New Zealand half a dozen times, and always love it.  The countryside is gorgeous, and the people so interesting and friendly.  And there's always the hope that a hobbit will pop up somewhere.  Oh, and they have weird and wonderful foods too that you won't find here.  We came upon rhubarb sparkling water for instance! And delicious local crayfish, and abalone.  And local honey, and fabulous breads, and and...  

I guess that's an orc:=)   

I have been making a baking soda pizza dough for years, but it is always a little salty/soda-y even when I add herbs and parmesan to it, so I was glad to see that Annabel has come up with this 2-ingredient dough for pizza.  

So - easy peasy lemon squeezy, here it is:

Take 2 cups of self-raising flour to 2 cups of thick Greek style yoghurt - you get the idea; you can double it if you need to; just equal quantities of flour to yoghurt.

Add 1 tsp of salt and mix to a soft dough - it is very soft and sticky so use a rubber spatula or a knife to mix it in (don't be tempted to add more yoghurt here; it will be enough)

Press it (with very well-floured hands) onto a piece of lightly floured baking paper

Pre-heat a round or rectangular baking tray in the oven at 220C

Now cover your dough in whatever you fancy:  you could use a tomato sauce or do as I did, mix 120g. of ricotta with 1/2 tsp hot chipotle sauce and spread over the base

I then added:

100g. prosciutto cut into strips
1/2 dozen cherry tomatoes, halved - (on Mr P.'s side of the pizza)
8 bocconcini, halved
1/2 small potato, very finely sliced
salt and pepper to taste
1 tsp chopped rosemary (less or more as you fancy)
3-4 tbs parmesan, grated

Grab the heated tray from the oven and slide the pizza AND the baking paper onto the tray - carefully!

Bake for about 20 minutes till golden and delicious - you will know what that looks like:=)  


Make sure your hands are very well-floured, and cast more over your hands and the dough if you need to

Press out the dough till it is very thin - no more than half a centimetre

Make sure the tray is hot before placing the pizza on it 

You will have more than enough for one big pizza so either freeze the rest or make another small pizza, or do as Annabel suggests, and make several small dinner plate sized pizzas.  She suggests this will make at least 4.

2 ingredients - (well, 3 really)  

grab that rubber spatula and mix    

pat it out with well-floured hands onto baking paper         

grab your toppings; whatever you fancy    

mixing chipotle sauce into the ricotta   

ready for the oven  

oh yum!

my delicious pizza doodle :=)


  1. Wow you can't get any easier than that can you! I was lucky enough to meet her and she cooked lunch. It was so delicious!

    1. i remember reading your post about that. so lucky!

  2. Looks good Sherry. We're off to the North Island in the New Year...also to escape the heat here lol.

  3. New Zealand certainly has a fantastic climate for growing produce. And they have such clean, fresh air and the countryside is just gorgeous. Your pizza looks fabulous xx

  4. Hi Sherry, I can't imagine what rhubarb water tastes like, slightly tart I would imagine. I do make pizza base from scratch, usually with a yeast dough, but this recipe has me intrigued A Greek yogurt and flour dough? I think I'll have to give this recipe a try the next time I make pizza.


    1. i was surprised how well the dough turned out but it did need a bit more cooking than annabel had said and it needed to be very thin to cook thru. but it was delish.

  5. We have a similar kind of dough that I sometimes made when I still lived in Germany. It called for 'quark', which is kind of a mix between greek yoghurt and ricotta. And you can never get it anywhere but in Germany - sigh. Your pizza looks really great.

    1. You can get quark most places Certainly in Australia tho you would have to go to a good deli probably

  6. I love Annabel's recipes too but I'm not familiar with this one. I love that you cook it on the paper. Could you put the paper on a heated pizza stone?

    1. i don't know maureen. maybe the paper would shrivel up? :) but you could try it.


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