Tuesday 8 December 2015

Ferrero Rocher Ice Cream

can you guess?  yes it is a Ferrero Rocher  

Ferrero Rocher chocolates AND Nutella in one easy ice cream? You would have to be mad not to love that.  So as I am only half mad, I had to make it quick smart as soon as I saw it on Phoodie's post this week.  It has 4 ingredients (5 if you count the booze I added), and no churning and takes minutes to put together.  Mr P. was having a work do here for his employees, so I made this for afters.  I can tell you it went down a treat.

I was surprised to learn that Ferrero Rocher chocolates have only been around since 1982.  And that they have been quite controversial over the years.  Apparently the advertising was seen to be directed either at well-off people, or those aspiring to be well-off.  So they were in trouble for being elitist.  Who knew? :=)

Elitist or not, they are delicious and work really well in this ice cream.  Hazelnuts and chocolate are like chicken and mushrooms, or gin and tonic - just a superb combo!


475mls thickened cream
395g. tin of condensed milk
20 Ferrero Rocher chocolates
3-4 tbs Frangelico or your fave cream/choc liqueur
6 heaped tsp Nutella


Whip the cream till you have soft peaks

Pour/spoon the condensed milk into a large mixing bowl

Add 15 of the FR chocs, chopped into smallish pieces, into the condensed milk and stir in well

Stir in the liqueur to the condensed milk mixture 

Gently fold in the cream, spoon by spoon, into the milk and chocs

Then again very gently swirl in 4 tsp of the Nutella to the mix

Grab a baking paper lined loaf tin and pour the mixture in

Swirl the other 2 tsp of Nutella thru the surface, and scatter the other 5 chopped FR chocs on top

Freeze for several hours, but overnight is better

Turn out onto a serving platter, take off the baking paper and scatter extra chopped chocs around if desired


If you live in a hot, humid climate like I do, it is a good idea to put the chocolates in the fridge before chopping.  Otherwise, they turn into a sticky, gooey mess and go all over your knife and your board.  Not a good look :=)  (Yep that happened to me).

gather the ingredients      

whip till you have soft cloudlike peaks   

ready for combining  

I am drooling already    

gently fold in the cream, spoon by spoon     

swirl in the Nutella   

ready for the freezer  

ready for eating (I dusted it with drinking chocolate) 

my Ferrero Rocher doodle  


  1. I never associated ferrero rocher with a class system. Just give me the ice-cream! OMG!

  2. Elitist or not, I want a bowl of this ice cream!

  3. Yeah, Ferreros get a bad wrap yet I never see anyone saying no, when offered one. Iv'e seen those ads and I tell you that the Gods ate them in antiquity : )

    1. ha ha. of course the Gods would love them. who wouldn't? :)


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