Thursday 24 December 2015

Mockingbird Cafe Kingscliff NSW - Review

my fave indie bookshop is right beside the cafe - win/win  

Kingscliff in northern New South Wales must be one of the very few places left that actually has a caravan park right on the beach. Not that many years ago, it was common to see them up and down the Australian coast, but developers and big money moved in and snapped up this precious commodity to erect highrises.  Oops, don't get me started on "development".  

Anyway, very happily here we have a beachfront for the ordinary folk :=).  This includes a strip of shops and cafes along the esplanade. Mr P. and I are often to be found down this way, and usually drop in for a spot of lunch at Mockingbird on our way further south.  

Rev me Up - $8

I usually go for Mocha Mudslide but this time I decided to have Rev me Up, laced with coffee, peanut butter and banana.  I am hearing you gasp!  First it was tomato last week and now banana, both of which I have forsworn in the past.  (It must be Christmas madness). This was delicious - cool and creamy, with just a hint of peanut butter and coffee.

vanilla milkshake $6  

Mr P. loves his milkshakes and usually chooses strawberry.  Sis was amazed that this was vanilla:=)  As was I.  Mr P. loved it; he likes it very cold which this was.

Blondie and the Brillo Pad (sis and nephew) met us there for lunch recently.  Blondie is a vego (meat has never touched her lips) and Mockingbird is happy to oblige with meat-free meals.  They use organic where possible, and have their own vegie patch and bee hive.  Baking is done in-house, and meat is ethically sourced. Gotta love that hippie vibe!

peppermint and ginger $4.50

my fave water $5

My favourite bottled water from Mount Warning, which is a remnant of Tweed Volcano (the mountain I mean not the water). Years ago I climbed to the very top; the last bit is where you have to drag yourself vertically up by a chain.  It was winter; it was getting late and dark; hubby and friend couldn't make the last bit so I did it alone in the fog. Scary!

smoked salmon salad with white anchovies $21.50     

This salad was meant to have kipfler potatoes in it; I didn't realise till later that it was potato-less.  Perhaps because we ordered potato wedges as well they didn't think we needed them in the salad?  I had assumed the house smoked salmon would be cold-smoked rather than hot-smoked, but nevertheless it was delicious, and the white anchovies added a tangy aspect to the dish.  I enjoyed the freshness of the meal, and felt like I was getting a dose of healthy. I am going to give this recipe a go myself.  

handcut potato wedges $7 small/$10 large     

Oh my!  These were so delicious.  I know that is a word that gets bandied around but they were!  So plump and firm and tasty.  No sog at all, and a nice wrinkly/crinkly skin. And they actually tasted like something - potatoey, with a sort of nuttiness.  I really hate soggy chips so I was dead happy about these.  I thought the accompaniment was aioli but it was of course sour cream.  No wonder I thought it tasted different.:=) 

BLT on a Turkish roll $16   

Brillo pad said it was fresh and tasty and he liked the softness of the roll, but I think we all thought it would be toasted.  It didn't stop him scoffing it all down though.

Blondie's avo and toast $19      

She was given a generous serve of avocado, and toast which was a healthy multi grain bread.  Blondie was happy to get just what she wanted without any faffing around.  You know how some people like to faff? :=)  She asked for avocado and toast, and they happily obliged.  

turtle bean and brown rice burger $19.50      

Mr P. enjoyed his burger but he did say it needed some relish.  We spoke to the owner as we left and the waitress mentioned that the chef normally puts relish on it.  He must have forgotten this day. Mr P. also got wedges with his burger and found them very edible.

All in all, we all enjoyed our meals.  We loved being a hair's breadth away from the ocean, and I loved being right next door to my fave bookshop.  Mockingbird, you know we will be back soon.

Cudgen Creek at Kingscliff 

Mockingbird Cafe Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato 


  1. Ooh I bet it is bliss there and the salmon salad look delicious, I am not sure about the milkshake though ha ha. I think I am more of a mudslide kinda girl. Have a wonderful Christmas Sherry, xxx

  2. Hehe that Rev me up sounds delicious! Glad that you ordered it. The meals look like real winners! Even without some components :)

    A very Merry Christmas to you and your family Sherry!! I hope you have a wonderful time! :D

    1. Thank you Lorraine. Merry merry Xmas to you and yours. X


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