Wednesday, 6 March 2019

Raspberry Ice Cream - The 5-Minute Method

I adore berries, pretty much any kind - blue, black, straw, rasp, or mul, you name it:=)  And a super quick and easy dessert like this one has to be a real winner in our seemingly time-poor days.  I got the basic idea from Matt Preston, the Masterchef judge cum food critic cum cookbook author.  And I just happened to see a few minutes of a cooking show with Miguel Maestre (tv chef) recently. 

He was at a tropical resort, where he made an iced treat with frozen mango and mascarpone.  Even though I have been a Queensland gal for many a year, I just can't do the mango thing.  But I adore raspberries, so they became the hero of my icy, sweet treat.  They bring to mind the gorgeous and tiny wild berries we used to pick on our walks in Britain, back in the days when a ten-mile hike in the pouring rain up hills and down stony creek beds meant nothing to our young feet.  I think we're lucky to do a two kilometre walk these days:-)

gloriously pink

Recipe adapted by Sherry's Pickings:

Serves 4-6:


500g. (17½ oz.) of frozen raspberries

200-250g. (7-8 oz.) of mascarpone

60g. (6 tbs) of icing/powdered sugar

1 tsp of vanilla extract

1-2 tbs (20-40mLs) of vodka or gin (optional)

125g. (4 oz.) of fresh raspberries for serving


Tip the frozen fruit into a large food processor

Give it a whizz for a minute or two to break down the fruit

Add the mascarpone, icing sugar, vanilla and alcohol (if using) into the bowl and whizz again - you'll think it's never coming together but keep whizzing, then stop and scrape it down a few times.  At this point, keep pulsing and scraping down till smooth

It may take up to five minutes to become completely smooth and fabulous but fear not! - it will do so

Serve immediately, with fresh berries

Best if eaten immediately, but can be put into the freezer for a day or two if you have leftovers

Make sure you take it out of the freezer for ten minutes or so before eating


Frankly, buying half a kilo of fresh raspberries then freezing them would be wasteful and very expensive, so I strongly suggest buying the best-quality frozen ones you can!

Use all the mascarpone if you want a really creamy dessert

Keep pulsing and scraping the mixture down, and pulse some more to get a smooth mixture

Add more icing sugar if you like it sweeter

ingredients gathered

whizz those berries!


ready to eat

pink and tangy

freeze leftovers for a couple of days

  raspberry artwork by Sherry's Pickings


  1. I rarely buy ice cream because it's so easy to make (the exception is gelato). This looks delicious. But no mangoes Sherry? Wow!

    1. Do you have an ice cream machine Lorraine ? I tend to just make sorbets and instant ice creams that don’t need a machine ! No mango 🥭 for this gal!

  2. Sherry, this looks fabulous! Love the mascarpone in it. So nice to be able to whip it up any time we want it.

    1. hi kelly
      yes it is such a quick treat, and great when you have guests as they enjoy seeing it made in front of their eyes:) cheers S

  3. Love this quick fix of berry ice cream! The add of mascarpone cheese must have given it extra flavour and creaminess. Awesome!

  4. That looks fantastic! A raspberry ice was served at my parents' wedding, so my mother made something similar to this every year on their anniversary, which means it's really appealing to me.

    best... mae at

    1. Hi Mae
      Raspberries are wonderful aren’t they?

  5. Quick, easy, tasty -- what's not to like? Really fun dish -- thanks.

  6. Sherry I love your colorful site. This sounds like a great berry recipe. Not only is it pretty, it sounds delicious!

    1. Thanks so much Abbe. Nice of you to drop by my blog:) cheers S

  7. I am with your sherry - never a fan of mango but I love raspberries - this ice cream sounds just lovely

  8. Simply love this fast ice cream that Mrs P does. It is like magic and this one with raspberries is so intense in colour.

  9. Great recipe and a reminder how easy it is to whip something up. As a kitchen tragic, I have all of these (except the marscapone) in my pantry/freezer so there's nothing to stop me making this once I nip out to the shops.

  10. ps: I'll keep reading even though you are a traitor to the Qld Mango Liberation Front ; )

  11. Oh this looks absolutely amazing - if I had frozen raspberries in my freezer I'd be making this right now!

    1. It’s definitely worth making Jen. You can use other fruit 🍇. Whatever you fancy!

  12. Oh yum, that is something for me, love the idea☺☺


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