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Tempest Seafood Restaurant And Teppanyaki - Review

Dear friends of ours have recently moved into a lovely, top storey seaside apartment with fabulous 250 degree views of the mountains and Moreton Bay.  They are loving the downsized space with no maintenance.  There are lots of restaurants and cafés literally underneath their building, and they are really loving being able to walk down to breakfast or lunch.  

Just before Christmas, we joined them for lunch at the nearby Tempest seafood restaurant, a short drive away.  We were seated by the friendly waitress out on the deck, with wonderful views of the boats at the marina.  I started with a glass of Prosecco ($11), which sadly was a bit flat. I guess I should have asked for a replacement, but I drank it anyway. Lord N had an Asahi beer ($8.50), while Mr P. and Lady J went for a lemon squash ($4.50) as they were both driving. 

Lord N modelling with his beer ($8.50)

Lord N enjoyed a refreshing Japanese beer with his humongous plate of fish and chips:-)

sashimi-grade tuna ($34)

We ate these meals: for moi, lightly-seared slices of tuna with watermelon, cucumber, mint, miso aioli and ponzu dressing ($34). I loved this! It was so delicious; tangy and fresh and light. Perfect for a hot summer’s day.  I just wish there had been a wee bit more of it!  I think it was more like an entrée size, but hey, that's just me. 

linguini with mushrooms, olives and so on ($26)

Hubby chose the mushroom linguini ($26), being a huge pasta fan. The pasta was al dente, which he found a bit too chewy for his tastes. He thought the meal itself was a bit small for his appetite, and he would have loved a bigger portion. He also said it needed more mushrooms. But he liked the extra flavours of capsicum, olives, onion, spinach, parmesan and pesto. 

fish and chips $23

Lord N went for the fish and chips (either Dory or flathead) with salad ($23,) and a sesame dressing. He was very happy with this large and crunchily golden dish. There were three or four generous portions of fish, along with the chips. I was quite envious as my meal, gorgeous though it was, didn’t really fill the gaps. I kinda wish I’d had some chips too.

bug and prawn linguini $35

Lady J chose the bug and prawn linguini, with tomatoes and peas ($35). This dish looked beautiful, and very tempting to those of us who love seafood. There was a large piece of bug on top, and several large prawns. This was a tasty winner with Lady J. 

caramel apple pie parfait $14

Did I forget to mention dessert? The photo perhaps doesn't do it justice.  I really savoured this caramel apple pie parfait ($14) – layers of caramelised apples, Chantilly cream, cookie crumbs, butterscotch sauce and salted caramel ice cream. Oh yum! Deliciously salty-sweet, creamy fabulousness. 

bourbon sticky date pudding $16

Lady J had the bourbon sticky date pudding ($16) with a toffee sauce, bourbon cream and vanilla ice cream. She adored this over-the-top bowl of warm, sticky, bourbon-y pudding. 

All in all, we had a lovely lunch with fabulous food (with just a few minor niggles). We had great views and a really wonderful waitress who was friendly and helpful. We would all very happily go there again.  In fact, our friends have been there again:-)  

The produce is locally caught and/or grown. The menu is seasonal, and designed for their local customers. The fish is hand-picked every day by the head chef. Oh, and don’t forget the teppanyaki room, which holds 33 people. There is a beer garden, and a function space too. The restaurant juts out over the water, and you can dine while watching the boats in the marina. A really nice place to while away a Sunday afternoon.

The Pickings' Verdict: 8.5/10 - great food/good service/fab views and fairly good value

(All meals were independently paid for.)

looking out to the marina

Ph: 07 3203 5744
Bird O' Passage Pde.,
Scarborough Boat Harbour 4020

Tempest Seafood Restaurant and Teppanyaki Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato 


  1. Mr P agrees - A truly good place for lunch. Everything very tasty. Just a pity my main was a bit small. Otherwise - check it out.

  2. Mmmmm what to have eh? It all looks fantastic. Some great ideas in there, particularly the Bourbon Sticky date, how to take it to new heights. Loving the seafood. Cheers, Pauline

    1. oh the tuna dish was so fabulous! i am going to try making it myself. everything was fantastic really. cheers S

  3. I would have definitely asked for another glass of Prosecco because I love bubbles. Is it just me or does linguine often feel too al dente?

    1. Hi Lorraine
      I prefer things like potatoes 🥔 to be a bit crunchy, and I don’t mind pasta 🍝 being a touch al dente but sometimes they go too far. Or maybe not far enough?:).

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