Friday, 20 December 2013

chocolate snaps

Thank you to Nigel Slater for this ripper recipe. (Isn't he fabulous?)  Chocolate salty snaps are a great little pick-me-up, and a perfect small gift at Xmas time.
So- grab:
200g. dark choc
200g. white choc
nuts and dried fruits- I can't really give a measurement as it depends on how much you like and how many discs you make but I would say a good handful of nuts,  and of fruit
Use any nuts that you like- I like walnuts/pecans or macadamias;  chop 'em up into small pieces and throw into a bowl.   Then add the dried chopped fruit- I used sour dried cherries and cranberries.   Mix them together.
Melt the dark chocolate in a pyrex jug- pour out enough chocolate on a tray lined with baking paper to make a disc spanning about 6 cm, and keep pouring till all the chocolate is used up.  You will end up with about 8 discs.
Sprinkle the nuts and fruit over the discs, then throw on a dusting of crumbled-up organic rosebuds and a wee bit of sea salt flakes (this gives a real fillip to the taste).  Do the same with the white chocolate.  Refrigerate for about half an hour.  Hide them away so the rest of the family doesn't eat them all at once!
white choc ready to melt; rosebuds crumbled up, and fruit and nuts chopped

lovely stuff now on top of the dark choc discs

white choc waiting to be spread out

white choc discs also now topped and ready to pop in the fridge

yummy snaps all done!

very moreish I must say!


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