Tuesday, 17 December 2013

cooking classes at Vanilla Zulu

I have been cooking since I was a wee one. Mum taught me how to make bechamels, cakes, roasts etc from an early age. Now many years later, I am still at it- and loving it- as Maxwell Smart would say.  But it is always good to do a refresher course so I recently enrolled in a chef's skills course at the local cooking school -Vanilla Zulu run by the charming Mel.   She is super entertaining, lively and informative and you won't be sorry if you attend any of her courses.
Classes cover meat, seafood, breads, pastries, desserts and so on.  You get to meet like-minded people, and eat great food that you have helped to prepare and cook.  It is really fun and you learn alot, so if you are keen on food and cooking, one of Mel's many courses on various cuisines including Mediterranean, Thai, Italian and Hawaiian are the go.  Just watch out for the sharp knives!
the lovely Mel handing out the Hawaiian cocktails

this little fella was gorgeous; he looked beautiful and tasted yum!

potatoes all decked out in flowery glory

the hugest prawns you have ever seen!

this pineapple tart was really yummy- except for the bit where I cut into my finger and nearly fainted at the sight of my own blood!

Mel slicing up the tart-  no blood!

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