Tuesday, 3 December 2013

Black Forest biscuits

Crikey- as a certain crocodile hunter used to say....how the heck did it get this close to Xmas?  So I am now in the baking, wrapping, card writing, gift buying, tree decorating madness mode of December.  As I am sure are the rest of you!  And therefore as the aliens who control my brain instructed me to do,  I made some black forest biscuits on the weekend.  I used damn expensive American sour dried cherries but I reckon you could happily use much cheaper and more accessible craisins (dried cranberries).  You can peruse the recipe- here.  And I had an idea that you could just as easily do this in the food processor rather than beating it by hand as I had to (as I have not got a mixmaster type thingy).  I reckon it would work out just as well.  Anyway my arms got a work out.    So bake and eat with glee!
starting to beat the bejabbers out of the sugars and butter

sifting my dry ingredients to go into the batter

delicious sour dried cherries and choc drops

this is one heck of a dry mixture so keep mixing!

oh yum- biscuits just out of the oven.!  or maybe they were about to go in?!

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