Tuesday, 10 December 2013

home made vanilla extract

Today was the day to strain and bottle the vanilla extract I first put up some weeks ago.   It has been happily macerating -if that's the right word- on my kitchen bench for weeks and as a friend was dropping by today to visit, I decided I had better get the stuff into a bottle (as it is a Xmas gift for his wife).
It smells divine, and all the vanilla pods and seeds have gone incredibly sticky and almost slimey to the touch; not an unpleasant sensation but I just hadn't realised that would happen.  So it is now bottled up and ready to go- hopefully into some lovely baked goods.  I made about half a litre, so a few more friends and relatives will be receiving little bottles of this dark and delicious potion.
liquid has been strained thru a brand new chux-look at those seeds!

all ready to be bottled

the old Queen extract bottle is being re-used-handy!

here it is- off to its new home.

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