Saturday, 6 September 2014

Buzz Bistro at Tennyson-restaurant review

Mr Pickings had had an appointment cancelled so he had a bit of extra time for lunch and much to my surprise, he suggested we go out to lunch.  I was stunned to say the least as it is virtually impossible to drag him away from his computer and his work, especially midweek.  So I jumped up with alacrity, grabbed my coat and was out the door before he could change his mind.  I suggested we go to Buzz as I had been there recently with a friend for lunch, and was wanting to go again with Mr Pickings so we could check out the old powerhouse site, which is now full of apartments, and of course the tennis stadium.
It was a beautiful sunny day, with the sunlight sparkling on the river and brilliant blue skies.  You have to love Brisbane in the winter time!
The first time I went there, we had wonderful service, with efficient and friendly staff, although they did stick us on a tiny table near the door even though there seemed to be plenty of room at the front where the view is.  This time, there was a different waiter who was not a happy camper that day.  But paradoxically, he gave us a table with a view at the front.  The bistro was fairly full, but service was efficient, and we didn't have to wait too long to get our drinks and meals.
On my first visit, I used all my will-power, denying myself wine, and went instead with a Health Blast full of vitamins and goodness for your innards.  On this second visit, I did indulge and started with a glass of Cloudy Bay sauvignon blanc which was delicious.  I have fairly much sworn off the demon drink in the last 6 weeks, (and my liver thanks me) so this was a wonderful treat.  Mr Pickings had his usual milkshake and was delighted to see they had malt at 50 cents extra.  I had a sip as a good old malted milk reminds me of my childhood when all milkshakes at the milk bar came with malt.  It was pleasant enough though it could have been colder- the secret of a perfect shake.  And the Health Blast was tangy with the ginger- it felt like it was doing me good all the way down.

vanilla malted milkshake-$6.50 

Health Blast-beetroot carrot apple celery ginger

Cloudy Bay sauvignon blanc $14

confit duck salad with black cherry vinaigrette $20

pumpkin ravioli with sage and nut butter $27

fat chips and aioli $7

chicken on couscous salad with mint yoghurt dressing $21

smoked salmon w/- brioche caper mayo and rocket salad $19

I really enjoyed the duck salad on my first visit; it was a generous duck leg with a tasty dressing.  I am a big duck fan so was pleased to see the leg rather than the sad little shreds of duck you often get in a so-called "duck" salad.  This was a winner for me.   My friend had the smoked salmon;  he didn't say much but he ate it all up with gusto so I assume it was good.  First visit with friend-no chips or wine; second visit with hubby- wine AND chips.  Blame it on him I say!  The chips were chipply (I think I just made up a new word) - well what can you say about chips and the ubiquitous aioli?  Mr Pickings did mention that the potatoes must be "special" as they had a very distinct taste in a really good way.  We both enjoyed them.  Mr Pickings attacked his organic pumpkin ravioli with a hearty appetite.  He said- and I quote- "it was what I expected." He ate every bit so once again, I assume it was edible and pleasant, but not stunning.  The chicken salad I had this time was enjoyable, but not quite as wonderful as the duck salad.  There was a lot of couscous which meant that the dressing was a bit overwhelmed by the sheer quantity and got a bit lost.  I wanted more tang!  I had coffee to finish, then Mr Pickings and I went for a stroll around the grounds to walk off our large lunch in the beautiful sunshine.

coffee was Di Bella

This is a very pleasant place to have lunch, especially if you can get a table overlooking the river.  Service obviously can be a bit different each time you go, but I guess that is the same anywhere.  The perfunctory service we got this time did not detract from the tasty dishes and relaxed ambience of the bistro.

interior and looking out to the river

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  1. At least if you are going to have the demon 'drink' you chose a good tipple Sherry:)

    1. yes it was a nice tipple indeed rachel.. i really enjoyed it!

  2. I'm with the mister on the pumpkin ravioli with brown butter and sage sauce. I can't resist the stuff. Even if it was only okay. :)

    1. My hubby looooves pasta and bread. I am not terribly keen on either which is lucky as I am on a low carb eating plan at the moment. Hate that word diet!


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