Wednesday, 10 September 2014

Orange Curd

I do love a good lemon curd especially when it is really tangy and zesty.  Then again, I really love coconut curd.  I guess I just love curds!  I was flicking through some old recipes recently and saw one for orange curd made in the microwave. Honestly, it sounded like twice as much work and twice the time of a normal one made on the stove top.  You had to feed the butter in bit by bit and stir it, then whack it in the microwave and stop it and stir each minute for 10 minutes. Crikey!  I could scale Mt Everest in that time.
So I decided to use the lemon curd recipe I have used before but replace it with orange juice.  So here is my latest curd/butter recipe flavoured with orange and a bit of lemon, adapted from a recipe on Allrecipes.


160 mls orange juice - from real oranges please!
40 mls lemon juice-  ditto
zest of 2 oranges
3 large eggs
185g of sugar
125g cold and cubed butter


First sterilise a couple of small jars- it makes about 350 mls of curd
Place all the ingredients into a medium saucepan
Whisk together and keep whisking for about 10-12 minutes at a low to medium heat
Once the mixture is bubbling at the edges and has slightly thickened- stop!
Cool slightly and pour into sterilised jars; place in the fridge where it will thicken up a bit when cold
You can keep them in the refrigerator for a couple of weeks at least
Enjoy on toast, in icecream or tarts.

Ok here is where I have to confess.  I had to strain it 'cos it went kind of grainy.  Not my fault-honest!  The kookaburras came down to the deck demanding food just as I had put the saucepan on the stove top, so I had to rush out there with their lumps of steak and feed them.  I put the mixture through a strainer a couple of times, and it came out pretty well.

a youngster (stock image)

I have taken several photos of the 2 gorgeous fellas that come to our deck, but they are not the best quality as the deck faces the east- so too much light.  Hence the stock image.


  1. I've never tried orange curd before but I'm sure I'd love it.

    1. it is nice maureen but i gotta say i prefer lemon!

  2. This looks quite easy to make. I've never tried orange curd but my tree is bursting at the seams so it would be a great idea!

    1. hi Martine
      it is very easy and quite nice to eat It actually thickened up really well in the fridge tho i was sure it wouldn't as it had been so runny. Bonus:)

  3. Orange curd! Yummm! I have made lemon and passion fruit, but not orange. Not sure why. And now that I think about it, tangerine sounds good, too!
    And promise I won't go feed the kookaburras while cooking it! Haha! That was too cute, Sherry!
    I have crows coming here demanding almonds. :-)

    1. Hi Monica
      We have crows too but they also like steak. I saw one the other day with an egg which had broken open and the tiny baby was dead inside. Sad but that's nature as hubby says!


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