Friday, 19 December 2014

Home-made Irish Cream

I think most people will succumb to a glass or two of Bailey's or similar liquid refreshment every once in a while.  All that mellow creaminess just slides on down the throat with nary a tickle, until you end up rolling off to your bed at some ungodly hour of the night (or is that just me?).  This version is incredibly easy to put together, and somewhat cheaper than the bought stuff even if you use good Irish whiskey which I do!  I have made this with a non-Irish whiskey before but it didn't have the same pizazz.  I just think you have to have the real stuff to get this right.  And I bet Santa would love a glug of this as he goes on his merry way after sliding down your chimney (ha ha!  in Queensland?), and gets back onto the reindeer sleigh to head off to the next household.

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There are heaps of recipes for this online, but I add a little secret something that my Mum taught me, and I think it adds a nice little twist.  So here's to you all.  Have a great Christmas, and drink up!


250-300 mLs/8-10oz Irish whiskey - I prefer Jameson Irish Whiskey
250 mLs/8oz thickened cream
1 tin of condensed milk (395g I think they are these days)
1 tsp vanilla extract
1 scant tsp coconut essence (the secret ingredient) or use 1 large tsp coffee powder if you prefer
2-3 large tbs chocolate syrup


Put everything into a blender and whizz till combined.  Or do as I did, put it all into a jug and whizz away with a stick blender.  This time I only got a little bit all over me!!
Drink with ice.

pouring in the whiskey

adding essences

adding chocolate syrup

and now the condensed milk 

blend away- try not to get it all over yourself:)  

give up on the blender and whisk by hand :) 

pour into little bottles so you can give some away and keep the rest for yourself!  

I cannot believe the week I have had!  I have ruined 2 library books- one with coffee, and the other with champagne going all over it.   I have had my ancient blender erupt milk all over the kitchen floor as the rubber seal seems to have melted away.  I have spilt endless things all over me and the kitchen, and then of course this morning the stick blender decided to throw this drink at me!  I am becoming terrified to touch anything liquid at the moment!  Well, here's hoping you all fare better than I did in the liquid wars.
Have a great festive season!

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  1. We love this home made version! We keep this in the fridge because of the cream-do you too?

    1. Absolutely Lorraine. Everything goes in the fridge up here:)

  2. What a treat! I've got everything including the coconut essence so I have no excuse!

  3. This tasty stuff is all the rage at the moment. It is far too easy to drink and I am sure I would be awake in the middle of the night if I drank too much. Sorry you have had such a bad week

    1. thanks tania. i am hoping this coming week is a lot better! I guess with christmas coming up and a few pressies on the horizon it may just do that!

  4. I'm sure Aussie Santa with his big white boomers would down this is a blink!

  5. Those weeks where everything goes a wrong can be a trial, sounds like you need to relax over a few of your yummy drinks. I am so going to have to try this it just looks amazing!

    1. i am looking forward to a nip or 2 of this very soon! cheers and merry xmas.

  6. I remember my mother making this one year - although I don't think she gave much of it away as gifts! It's good to see an old favourite doing the rounds again.


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