Wednesday, 17 December 2014

Violet Truffles

Last year I made these for the first time, after sourcing some Violet liqueur from a local (ish) distillery.  It is not easy to get unless you buy a French one costing the earth.  I mean this one wasn't cheap but a hell of a lot cheaper than France's best.  I still have rather a lot of this left so I thought it was time to make another batch of these flower-scented little beauties.  I may be a bit odd, but I adore chocolates and sweets that reek of roses or violets or even lavender. Though lavender can be a bit too much Granny's pocket handkerchief-like.  I still remember with a shiver how when we had to kiss our Granny's cheek, it was always covered in her scented powder which left a gritty taste on the lips. Aaaagh, not pleasant.  She was one of those tough old birds who never admitted to pain or discomfort, and wouldn't let you do so either.  I guess women of that generation (who had been through the Depression and the War which followed) had to be damn tough and stoic.  They had to make do; oh how could I ever forget the chopped-up phone books in the toilet?  At least the pink ones were pretty.:)  It is an absolute miracle that the toilets didn't back up in those days due to the incredibly hard and shiny paper thrust down them.  Perhaps they did?  I guess Granny wouldn't have told us anyway. Well, enough of toilet talk.  Here is the recipe for violet truffles- a much nicer topic.


200g. of white chocolate melts or chips
60mls of creme fraiche or in a pinch,  3 tbs of sour cream and one of thickened cream.  (I have 15 ml tbs)
45mls Violet liqueur
food colouring if desired- I used Queen's natural extracts; about 10 drops of purple and 8 drops of pink
icing sugar to roll the truffles
150g of dark or milk chocolate
bling! - if you wish you can drop bling on top of the chocolate- sprinkles, cachous, edible glitter etc.


Melt the chocolate in the microwave- mine took about 80 seconds on high
Stir in the creme fraiche, then the liqueur and colouring- mix well
Whack into the fridge for several hours till firm or if in a hurry like me, into the freezer for 2-3 hours
Take out of the fridge/freezer and roll into walnut-sized balls in a bowl of icing sugar so they are well coated
Put back into the fridge till very firm and cold
Then melt the dark/milk chocolate, cool it a little, and either dip the balls into the chocolate or do as I do when the weather today is well into the 30's- spoon on a lovely little chocolate cap onto each one
Add bling!
Place into the fridge
Wrap in cellophane and tie with a ribbon for gifts

adding sour cream/creme fraiche

adding the liqueur- looks murky I know!:) 

colouring stirred in

after a couple of hours in the freezer- a very soft mixture

icing sugar

cute little cases ready for the truffle mix

rolling in icing sugar (oops I left my phone on the table)

ready for their chocolate tops

mmm- chocolate!

bling added!

wild violets (image David Anstiss)


  1. This violet liqueur fascinates me Sherry and I can just imagine what these taste like - delicious:)

    1. It is a really fascinating drink Rachel. In fact I don't see how anyone could just drink it as is but it is great in food. Happy Xmas.

  2. These are very festive, Sherry and we do seem to love these sorts of things at Christmastime. I've never heard of violet liquor. I'll have to look out for it when I'm at the bottle shop xx

    1. it is very pretty charlie and has an enticing aroma but not sure that i would drink it straight:)


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