Friday, 3 October 2014

How to cook an egg in one easy step!

Well - you couldn't get any easier than this.  I was watching Adam Liaw the other day on SBS, (don't you just love his hair?) and he mentioned in passing that he steams his eggs now, and never boils them.  I was intrigued! It looked so easy, and he said it always works and they are soft and delicious.  So for lunch today, I steamed myself some lovely free-range eggs. And they were tender and they were delicious.  Just so darn easy folks!

as Hannah Glasse would say-
take 2 (free-range) eggs

place them in a steamer which is already simmering

give them 6 minutes-no more!

and here you have delish, soft, beautiful eggs   

Absolute perfection and no stress.  You just whack them in for 6 minutes and you are done, my dears. Maybe I will follow Adam's lead and never boil again.


  1. I've got to give that a go! I've had steamed eggs before but not in a shell!

  2. Interesting. I don't like any of the white gooey so maybe 6 1/2 minutes?

  3. Will have to give these a go Sherry - read about them but never actually got around to trying - that's for the inspiration.

  4. I've never heard of this method or tried it. I'd love to give it a go xx


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