Tuesday, 19 May 2015

Bread and Butter Pudding - Jaffa style

Obsessions? Who, me?  Okay, yes I've had a few - as the old song goes.  My recent obsession has been with enamel baking dishes.  I have many different sizes, and even some bright orange ones that I assume are from the 70s.  I like their lightness, and great heat conducting properties, and their ease of use. Maybe it's because our mum had lots of them years ago, like everyone else's mums and grannies. Mum's were yellow with green trim, whereas these days they are usually white with red or blue trim, and sometimes grey.  (I told you I had a lot!)  A lasting memory is of the puddings she made in these dishes.  Bread and butter pudding was a cheap way to feed a family of 6, so we had this quite often. Her version was plain, made with milk and white bread and probably margarine.  But still delicious!  I like to ramp it up a bit, so I use croissants and include cream and a big splash of rum. And to make it just that wee bit more interesting, I turn it into a jaffa pudding.  (Did you know Jaffas i.e. choc orange balls of yummy were made only in Australia and New Zealand?)

Crowds watching the Cadbury Jaffa Race, Baldwin St, Dunedin
The Annual Dunedin Jaffa Race held each July down the world's steepest street, in New Zealand  (Tourism Dunedin) 

They let loose 30,000 Jaffas down the hill (some poor bugger has to label all of them), for charity. My pudding is nowhere near this laborious - in fact it is very easy, and great for a winter night's supper.
(Recipe adapted from here.)


1/2 cup sultanas
60mls rum
(extra butter to grease the baking dish)
4 eggs
500mls milk
300mls pure cream
1 tsp vanilla paste or extract
zest of 1 orange
1/4 tsp ground cinnamon
1/4 cup caster sugar
7 small croissants (buy them ready made at the supermarket)
20g. butter
3-4mls (just over 1/2 tsp) natural orange extract (I used Queen brand)
40g. chocolate melts
2-3 tbs demerara sugar


Preheat the oven to 180C
Soak the sultanas in the rum for about 20 minutes to plump up
Grease your baking dish - 5cm deep, 17cm x 28cm or just a large enamel dish with sloping sides:)
Whisk together well the eggs, milk, cream, vanilla, orange zest, cinnamon and caster sugar in a large bowl or jug
Tear up the croissants into smallish pieces
Place half of them into the bottom of your dish
Dot small pieces of the butter over the croissants
Spread half the sultanas and rum over the croissants and butter
Add the rest of the torn croissants then the rummy sultanas
Sprinkle over the orange extract
Scatter over the chocolate melts
Pour the egg mixture over the croissants
Squish down well with a large spoon to make sure the bready mix is well covered
Sprinkle over the demerara sugar
Bake for 35-40 mins till puffed and golden and custard is set (I prefer to leave my custard a little underdone as it will firm up when cool)

croissants and greased baking dish 


whisking the egg custard ingredients together 

tearing the croissants into the dish and adding butter  

throwing on rummy sultanas

on go the chocolate melts

pouring on the egg custard 

squishing it all down 

sprinkling on the demerara sugar 

puffed and golden 

yep I added more cream!

Leave out the orange and chocolate element if you like, or soak the sultanas in orange juice so it is suitable for children too.  Mr P. and I however really enjoyed the jaffa style pudding, and the chocolate melts gave it a huge chocolatey boost, somewhat to my surprise!
(Yay, 2 years of blogging and my 250th post!)


  1. Congrats on your 250th post. They rack up quickly don't they? We bloggers have a lot to say! I never thought I was a fan of B&B pudding as we didn't have it in our house as a child and when I tasted my MIL's, I didn't like. What I realised over time was that I didn't like her version. It's now a regular in our house and a great way to use leftover this or that so I'm all for a splash of whatever of a sprinkle of something extra. I had never heard of the Jaffa Race - hilarious!

    1. gotta love a jaffa race. imagine being the poor sod labelling them all! i can't believe how quickly i have got to 250 posts! and loving it...

  2. Oh, yes, I could eat this bread and butter pudding - Sherry - it has never been a favourite but you have really ramped it up - YUM! Jaffa race - only in Dunedin! I went to uni there and my husband grew up one street over from Frame St (steepest st)

    1. Hi Rachel
      We have walked up and down Baldwin st and strangely it didn't seem very steep at all!

  3. When I moved to Australia I didn't know what Jaffas were and the entire group we were with explained the intricacies of rolling them down the floor at the cinema. You Aussies. :)

    This bread pudding sounds fantastic!

    1. thanks maureen
      yep we are a weird but interesting lot!

  4. Hehe that Jaffa pic is amazing! You wouldn't want the camera not to work or have to get a second take! Admittedly I'm not a big chocolate orange fan but I'd give this a go definitely! :D

    1. it is rather delish lorraine. and i adore the jaffa race. wish i could get to the next one:)

  5. that bread pudding looks really good - and the jaffa race looks like fun - I think I might have been to that street when I was in dunedin many years ago - wish I had had a jaffa to roll down it :-)

    1. hi johanna
      doesn't that race look fun? on my bucket list to get there one day!

  6. This has to be the best bread and butter pudding recipe I have seen and I have croissant in the freezer. Fabulous.
    Have a great day Sherry.
    :-) Mandy xo


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