Friday, 29 May 2015

Judith Lucy - review

Okay I confess - I love Lucy - Judith Lucy that is.  Who can resist that laconic drawl, that mad Harpo hair and the weirdly attractive clodhopper shoes with the black evening gown?  Well clearly not me. And the venue being the bloody fantastic Powerhouse, this is a winner all round.  Judith was in fine fettle last night, filling us in on her sex life and menopausal symptoms, and her toy boy fella, the one helping her to have the aforesaid sex life. (Apparently the neighbours are admiring of their noisy sexual shenanigans).  Judith did her best to engage (and embarrass?) the audience by checking in with some happy customers who had been indulging in espresso martinis.  Phew did we get intimate with one lucky lady!   Judith was addressing us on the subject of "dick pics";  the lady with her third martini happily told us she had received hundreds, yes you heard right, hundreds of them and yes indeed had slept with some of them after receiving the pics.  Wow!  I was impressed with her stamina and honesty as her current boyfriend was sitting right next to her.  Yep I am clearly out of the loop;  I did not know "dick pics" were a thing.

(author Srinivasprabhu933)

Judith says her best shows come after times of turmoil; I think she was a teensy bit too happy this time.  I mean sure she was funny and even outrageous but just too darn happy to be convincingly angst-ridden.  One of her previous shows some years ago was after she had broken up with a bloke, and yep that was hilarious.  I loved that the audience was made up of young and old, (a few) hipsters, trendy young things, menopausal women, and a whole gamut of middle-class punters.  I love the way she slings out the word "vagina" without cringeing; the way she tells us about taking HRT - "cos I was going crazy"; the Brazilian she had for her tv show, and that she just couldn't help herself but really like Julie Bishop as a woman.  

the Moth

inside the Powerhouse theatre; my fave venue in Brisbane 

sadly no encores

gritty, ruggedly sexy Powerhouse facade:)  

well, it was dark with no lights hence the ghastly photo   

some of the trendy young things 

We had a ball listening to Judith skewer herself and the audience (I could hear the ladies behind us saying how they never bought tickets up the front in case she picked on them).  I feel like she and I are just that little bit closer as I now know about her vaginal problems, hot flushes, and noisy sex life. So yes I love (Judith) Lucy; perhaps like Judith and Julie Bishop, I just can't help liking her as a woman.  

And just for your delectation, here is a recipe from Jamie Oliver for espresso martini:

For one!!:

50 mls vodka
35 mls coffee liqueur
25 mls cold espresso
(some recipes say to add 30 mls of sugar syrup)

Shake madly together and drink (then tell dirty stories about the raunchy photos you have received on your phone).

(author Evan-Amos)

(I paid for this ticket myself cos I just love Judith).  Oh, and why "Ask no Questions of the Moth?"
This is from a poem called The Dullard Sage by a Sufi poet - Farid ud-Din Attar, and refers to the fleeting quality of life.


  1. Hehe that is so funny! That is so well timed that she found the lady with all the dick pics too! Sadly I don't receive any (well I don't know if I am sad about that or not).

    1. It was hilarious. Judith said no one else had admitted to sleeping with the guys after getting the pics so it was comic gold. I have never had one sent to me:((

  2. I love Judith too. We are firm fans and go to see her on a regular basis. I've also really enjoyed her TV shows. The recent All Woman series was great but I suspect that a few people were put off by the first episode, which was probably the weakest. I think I'm such a fan as I can see distinct parallels!

    1. She is wonderfully funny nearly all the time and doesn't have to revert to gutter humour (much) unlike a lot of male comics who think swearing makes up for no talent:)


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