Tuesday, 26 May 2015

Fuzzy Duck - cafe review

Fuzzy Duck cafe, formerly Little Paw Paw, is now quacking its way through Kedron.  Small but sweet, with outdoor dining at the front, Fuzzy Duck offers the usual cafe fare.  (I would love local cafes to offer more than breakfast dishes, and wish they were a teensy bit more imaginative). Lately you could be excused for not knowing which cafe you were in, as the menus all seem pretty much the same, and hipster disdain is becoming more of a "thing" among wait staff. (Dare I tell you folks, that our niece works at a food supply company and tells us that they provide a lot of meals to a lot of cafes?!).  But I think you knew that already. We turned up one Wednesday recently just before noon to have a quick lunch.  Mr P. went to place our order and unfortunately mentioned that I was a food blogger.  Oh dear, this led to hipster rejection, I fear.  They promised to bring out a business card for me, but it didn't turn up. They served another table before us, and slapped down our food with nary a smile, nor a kind word (sob).

looking into the cute cafe from the outdoor seating    

fancy a bit of basic knot tying, anyone?   

See how pretty my cup of Campos coffee was?  It took a while to turn up, but it was a decent brew.

small coffee $3.50

strawberry thickshake $8
Mr P. said his thickshake was good and very cold, which is an important quality in a milky drink (thus spake Mr P.)

I chose Fuzzy Duck Benny with smoked salmon, while Mr P. had corn fritters with a side of fries. My eggs Benny were as expected, and tasted fine apart from the bread.  It was dried-out and stale, and had only seen the side of the grill for a nano second.  The hollandaise on the other hand had a delicious taste and texture; I am tempted to say it may not have come from the factory.  Mr P. found the fritters tasty with a good amount of corn. I asked him if they were really fritters or just corny pancakes but he assured me that there was a fair amount of corn.  After taste-testing, I agreed that they were not simply pancakes, and registered on the fritter meter at 5 out of 10 - i.e.- half pancake/half fritter.

Benny with smoked salmon $15.90

corn fritters $15.90 and a side of fries $7.90  

There are a few other items on the menu including a Wagyu mince burger, and the usual suspects of coffees, teas, smoothies; spinach, bacon etc as sides, and a couple of more unusual items like banana bread and quinoa Bircher muesli.  There are also daily sandwiches and cakes in the cabinet.  If you are after a quick cuppa or an all-day breakfast dish, this is a decent place to sit and enjoy the passing traffic.  It is what it is, as the saying goes, and that ain't bad.

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  1. Sounds like you were a bit underwhelmed Sherry. Hipster disdain is rife everywhere it seems!

  2. I guess it was a so-so experience. Shame about the stale bread that was meant to be fresh toast! I think the strawberry milkshake looks very good xx

    1. hi charlie
      it's a shame that cafes just won't improve their game:)

  3. I do like the name of this café - Sherry. I know what you mean about lack of imagination - I have taken this up with café owners in the past who have assured me that people only want this type of food - yeah, right, I say especially when I have never seen said cafes try anything different. My pet peeve at this time of year is pumpkin soup - mostly from the factory or packet! I mean how hard is it to make an interesting soup.

    1. i know exactly what you mean rachel. i hate it this time of year with the pumpkin soup everywhere. a few places throw in a bit of ginger to spice it up but still! it is still pumpkin soup. cheap and nasty. it seems to me that the whole breakfast dishes only and same/same stuff has proliferated like a nasty virus!

  4. My word, you'll think they'll go out of their way knowing a food blogger was in their midst. Some folks just don't recognise opportunity, not even when it hits them in the face. :-) O well. Glad you enjoyed your meal overall, shame though that the service wasn't the best. Let's hope they read this and made necessary adjustments for the sake of their customers and business. #aNoviceMumCommentLuv

    1. isn't it odd how people don't want to improve? you think - yep this could be a great place but for a few tweaks...


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